Poetry, Part 2

Portion of a book cover from 1899 with the word 'poetry' and a decorative flourish.
Letters with $1 will receive prompt attention, and what you most desire to know in answer she will mention.
- Los Angeles Times, 22 November 1891.

Here's another advertising poem from Estelle as Mrs. Dr. Van True in 1891 Los Angeles. California brought out the poet in Estelle. This gem focuses on the emotions which attracted clients to her scientific life-reading services. The promise of new hope and new control over one's destiny would bring many to her door. "To battle in the field of life, she'll arm you with a shield, and in a warrior's skillful tactics instruct you how to wield."

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Transcript for How to Be Estelle: Poetry, Part 2

[00:00:04] Narrator: Estelle True-Nell was a remarkable woman. Our modern era has forgotten her, and I think that's too bad. I'd like to introduce you to her amazing life, one career at a time. Along the way, we might pick up a tip or two for ourselves, as we learn How to Be Estelle.

[00:00:25] How to Be Estelle, Poetry, Part 2.

[00:00:29] Something about California brought out the artist in Estelle. Here's more advertising in verse for Mrs. Dr. Van True from November 1891.

She brings consolation, where sorrow now reigns.
Quiets the heart by relieving its pains.
Destroys the illusions of false-pretending friends,
Exposing their deceit and evil, vile intends.
Warns you of certain, impending, dire disaster,
Cautioning you now, and advising you hereafter.
Brings order out of chaos, in domestic home affairs,
Relieving you of sorrow, of grief, and wild despairs.
She will unite you in love to the object of your choice,
And give you forever something in future to rejoice.
She'll ferret out your sorrow and trace to their source,
Veins of life's sadness that give direction to its course,
With consummate skill unravel life's tangled skein of yarn,
And with it, every little tear in life's curtain darn.
She'll direct you in business, in law and divorce,
From deep cups of sorrow drain dregs of remorse.
In whatever state of worry you seek in her console,
She'll instill new hope within you, and your destiny control.
To battle in the field of life, she'll arm you with a shield,
And in a warrior's skillful tactics instruct you how to wield.

[00:02:00] You're welcome. May you be well-shielded, and may your tactics be skillful, until we meet again, on How to Be Estelle.

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