Poetry, Part 1

Portion of a book cover from 1899 with the word 'poetry' and a decorative flourish.
Letters with $1 will receive prompt attention, and what you most desire to know in answer she will mention.
- Los Angeles Times, 22 November 1891.

Estelle felt inspired to advertise in rhyme while working in Los Angeles in 1891 as Mrs. Dr. Van True. She put into rhyme many of the themes which thread through her advertisements across the years and across the country. This ad even brings some extra "science" into the scientific life reader's promises.

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Transcript for How to Be Estelle: Poetry, Part 1

[00:00:04] Narrator: Estelle True-Nell was a remarkable woman. Our modern era has forgotten her, and I think that's too bad. I'd like to introduce you to her amazing life, one career at a time. Along the way, we might pick up a tip or two for ourselves, as we learn How to Be Estelle.

[00:00:25] Here's a marketing lesson for us from Estelle True-Nell herself. If you want to reach your audience, first reach deep into your heart and access your inner poet.

[00:00:36] This is a gem of an ad for Estelle in November 1891. She was working in Los Angeles at the time as Mrs. Dr. Van True.

[00:00:45] There's even a bit of science in this one -- that's fitting, because she was definitely in her scientific life reader phase at this time.

[00:00:53] These are Estelle's words -- I will try to do them justice.

Every hidden secret in your life she will reveal,
All you care the world to know and what form it conceal.
What the future has in store she will truthfully foretell,
And with emphatic utterance on striking features dwell.
Your present situation at first she will relate,
Then a truthful story of the past narrate.
Life's minutest details will not escape her vision,
And when the interview is ended you will sanction its decision.
She will help you out of trouble from whatsoever source;
Describe your most cherished wish, likewise your remorse.
As a positively charged body attracts a negative pole,
Some such magnetic influence brings her in contact with your soul;
As a calcium light reflector concentrates its rays,
Her mesmeric vision concentrates her gaze.
Should obstacles themselves obtrude, and fondest hopes deny,
She will arm you with a magnet that will obstacles defy.
If in steps of the future you would pursue the most expedient,
Then seek you her advice and to her precepts be obedient.
Letters with $1 will receive prompt attention,
And what you most desire to know in answer she will mention.

[00:02:15] There you go. Of our life-reader poet I have much more to tell. I'll share it with you next time on How to Be Estelle.

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