The Scientific Life Reader

illustration depicting Estelle True-Nell in a newspaper advertisement
Through your entire life she will trace your daily conduct; warn you of impending disaster; tell you if your friends are true or false; guide you in love, marriage and divorce; advise you in business, law and social affairs; restore lost affections and unite the separated; remove evil influences no ordinary circumstances can resist.
- The New Orleans Item, 22 November 1892.

Estelle traveled throughout the U.S. in the early 1890s as a Scientific Life Reader. Unlike mediums who contacted the spirit world, Estelle emphasized her "scientific" ability to read and advise people in the here and now. You might think of her as an early life coach. Her highly creative advertising and personal magnetic style kept her moving from 1890 through around 1895-1896, when she turned her attention to other business opportunities.

The Tools of a Scientific Life Reader